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Here you'll find details on the Uniforms we use: WIP

Uniforms 1920-90s

Free State Army 1920s-40s

Here you see a typical example of how a Soldier of the Irish Free State Army would look  he is wearing:

M27 Vickers Helmet

M28 Tunic

M28 Trousers

Full set of Pattern 1908 webbing dyed black

Leather gaiters

B5 boots

Equipped with a MK3* SMLE



Irish Peacekeepers 1960-64 Congo

Here we have a example of a Officer serving with ONUC (United Nations Operation in the Congo he wears:

UN Beret with cloth ONU badge

British Jungle Greens

Irish brassard

Shoulder insignia

Pattern 37 Webbing belt

Leather Gustav Ammo pouch

Leather gaiters and boots

M45 Gustav SMG

No Bayonet

Browning Hi power pistol w/holster


Irish Peacekeeper Somalia 1993-94

Here we have an example of a Irish soldier deployed to Somalia as part of UNISOM II during the early 90s

He wears:

Blue UN cap

Green 3 pocketed flak vest

Irish Franklin Shirt with unit, national and rank insignia.

Irish Franklin trousers 

US panama soled desert boots

He's equipped with a Steyr AUG A1 

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