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United Nations Peacekeeping Subgroup

As some of our Irish impressions cover UN deployments we've decided to expand the group to cover other nations and their deployments as a subgroup details of the deployments and nations can be found below.

UN Operations currently covered:

ONUC (United Nations Operation in Congo) 1960-64

The first major operation for the UN beginning in 1960 what began as a peacekeeping mission turned into a peace making one UN troops actively participated in combat during the 4 year deployment. So far we only display the Irish contingent but other nations included Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Burma, Canada, Ceylon, Denmark, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Italy, Liberia, Malaya, Federation of Mali, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Philippines, Sierra Leone, Sudan, Sweden, Tunisia, United Arab Republic and Yugoslavia so we're happy to accommodate other nations into the display.

(United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus)

Beginning in 1964 this is one of the UN's longest running operations monitoring the peace between Greek and Turkish Cypriots. Again so far only the Irish side of the deployment is being represented by the group at the moment specifically the 1964-65 period however later impressions and different nations will be considered for displays. 

(United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon)

Commencing in 1978 this is another long runner by UN standards and in terms of lives one of the most costly with 330 peacekeepers killed since the operation began. Currently Irish deployments from 1988-2000 are covered.

(United Nations Operation in Somalia II 1993-95)

Beginning in 1993 this mission proved to be of the most challenging for the UN, With a mandate to ensure food and medicine was fairly distributed to the Somali population this proved to be a greater challenge than anticipated with various factions seizing the supplies in order to control the population. We currently portray the Irish contingent but like most UN operations  there is always room for others.

(United Nations Assistance Mission For Rwanda II 1994-96)


Regarded as one of the UN's greatest failures the 2 missions to Rwanda were nothing but tragic with the first mission beginning in October 1993 and ending in May 1994 as a result of the Rwandan Genocide where the UN lost their large Belgian contingent following the murder of ten Belgian soldiers assigned to protect the Prime Minister by the presidential guard. It then took 3 months for the UN to establish the 2nd mission with included military reinforcement this is the period we're covering at the moment primarily the British contingent.







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